Friday, October 16, 2009

Australian and New Zealand Fashion..........

Fashion Exhibition

This morning I had time to kill so I ventured over to NGV to see the "Together Alone" - Australian and New Zealand Fashion exhibition. It was great to see some very left of centre designers work. I especially liked Material by Product and Doris de Pont for their quirky pieces. Also featured in the expo are: Romance was Born, Akira, World, Zambesi and Toni Maticevski.

The picture on the top is Material by Product and below is Doris de Pont.
The exhibition is free and runs until 18 April 2010.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My Sixties Chick Outfit............

Fancy Dress Party
You had to come dressed as something starting with an S or a D, as those were the hosts first initials. So I chose to go as a Sixties Chick because I never get enough opportunities to wear this dress. I bought it from Kinki Gerlinki about 6 years ago. I also wore black ruched leggings and suede patchwork platform boots. The watch is a 60's original and was a gift from a friend's mother - she used to wear it as a teenager!