Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fringe Benefits Or My best Benny Hill Impression....

As you can see I have cut myself a fringe. I finally feel like I have a 'proper' hair-do although it could be annoying trying to maintain it as my hair is very very curly naturally but i'll see how it goes.
Now for the benefits. The pic on the right is the haberdashery swag I got yesterday. My partner works for an huge textiles/crafts company and every so often they have clearance sales for employees where you fill up a bag for $5. There's at least $300 worth retail so it's pretty sweet. And just in case you were wondering - No, we were together before he got the job there :p
Jacket: Adidas Japan Soccer ( I was wearing this the other night when Aus lost to Japan at the Olympics - I felt kinda bad for not being nationalistic- but that only lasted a few seconds.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Silk Painting

Last Sunday I went to Spotlight and returned with a small piece of silk - they didn't have any suitable white or cream available - hence the dull bronze shade - to practice on. It's similar to painting with watercolours. I just used an embroidery hoop which is perfect for keeping the silk taut. The outline is 'gutta' which allows the paint to stay within the lines without bleeding out. The sea salt is for producing a type of marbling effect. I have plans for this which i'm not divulging - you'll just have to wait! hehehe :)


It is so cold here in sunny ol' Melbourne that I have been in the habit lately of donning this pink beret. It's practical for sure but I feel a lot like Rembrandt in one of his self-portraits, (there's one in particular that my Grandparents had a copy of that terrified me as a child and my cousins and I would always take it off the wall before sleep) or else I feel a lot like that Che revolutionary dude. Whilst being aware that berets are currently trendy and not giving a toss, I still can't shake that artiste/revolutionary wanker association. And when I'm out in public I almost want to apologise or tape an explanatory note to myself.

Monday, August 18, 2008


I've had a yukky flu for a while, but I'm back now.

Now I don't pretend for a second that I'm a photographers butt.... but, I really liked these items together. I am a bird nut for those who haven't noticed from previous posts and if there's such a thing as reincarnation then I have definitely been a bird in a former life.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Warning..... contents may horrify.....

Okay, forget about the jeans - i'm trying to. The blouse is from Valleygirl and once again, I love it. The top half is red satin with tiny white dots and ties up in front to make a pussy bow which isn't quite visible in the picture.

Tomorrow i'm embarking on a hen's day/night for my cousin. I'm looking forward to getting extra dolled up and lots of silliness with the girls - yay! So I will post the ensuing madness when I'm sober - yikes - I hope I remember to drink lots of water in between cocktails.

In the interim I have this great book "On Becoming a Woman" written for teenage girls by a bloke in 1960 something. His name is Harold Shryock, M.A., M.D. he's a doctor so he knows exactly what he's crappin' on about. It's in top condition, I doubt it has ever been read - shock horror! Imagine being given this as a teenager. According to the author, imaginative literature is a time waster, but get this: masturbation is frowned upon and should the need arise, a young woman can see a christian doctor and have a circumcision!!!!! WTF? The top image is taken from the book. You know you wanna get it :p

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

any excuse for a post

Seeing as my self photography skills need much improvement, you get to look at a Prada advert and a German shepherd.
The advert I had hanging off a nail on the wall as I love those bags. But I probably wouldn't buy it if money was no object because the gold hardware doesn't float my boat.
The leather looks divinely soft and buttery, you want to nuzzle your face against it - I do anyway. The German doggie tile came from the Salvos; it has a hook on the back for hanging but I think originally it lived life as a trivet.
Anyway, I really like the two together - so there :)

Sunday, August 3, 2008


First off, apologies about the layout of pictures. I'll be neater next time.
The head, do you like it? I got it today at Coburg Trash and Treasure. I thought she will be great to keep my wigs and hats on and for taking slapstick pictures with. It was so icily cold at the market, we only stayed for a few minutes.
As for the other picture, well... I thought I'd snap what i'm wearing today.
Cardigan: second hand
Tie die top: "Freda" label from op shop
Jeans: grab
The tie-dye top was originally a strapless, elasticised waist number which I cut holes into the sides for armholes. I have loads of fabric and plan to try making a couple of tops in this manner. All you basically need is a strip of fabric, elastic and thread. I'll post the results.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Bambi Aint Dead............

Bambi is the name of this gorgeous bag made from sumptuous vintage fabric by U.K designer Sarah Donegan. It's my stand out favourite from all her designs - check out her website:
I stumbled upon Sarah's bags a while back through the Stylewillsaveus newsletter and was immediately smitten. This is another unsubtle hint to my sister in London for Christmas gift ideas - hehe :)