Wednesday, August 20, 2008


It is so cold here in sunny ol' Melbourne that I have been in the habit lately of donning this pink beret. It's practical for sure but I feel a lot like Rembrandt in one of his self-portraits, (there's one in particular that my Grandparents had a copy of that terrified me as a child and my cousins and I would always take it off the wall before sleep) or else I feel a lot like that Che revolutionary dude. Whilst being aware that berets are currently trendy and not giving a toss, I still can't shake that artiste/revolutionary wanker association. And when I'm out in public I almost want to apologise or tape an explanatory note to myself.


Adrian said...

All you needed to do was get rid of that green lamp and that shot would be perfect.

daywalker said...

Yeah, I still need to learn how to muck around in photoshop, but cheers :)