Friday, August 8, 2008

Warning..... contents may horrify.....

Okay, forget about the jeans - i'm trying to. The blouse is from Valleygirl and once again, I love it. The top half is red satin with tiny white dots and ties up in front to make a pussy bow which isn't quite visible in the picture.

Tomorrow i'm embarking on a hen's day/night for my cousin. I'm looking forward to getting extra dolled up and lots of silliness with the girls - yay! So I will post the ensuing madness when I'm sober - yikes - I hope I remember to drink lots of water in between cocktails.

In the interim I have this great book "On Becoming a Woman" written for teenage girls by a bloke in 1960 something. His name is Harold Shryock, M.A., M.D. he's a doctor so he knows exactly what he's crappin' on about. It's in top condition, I doubt it has ever been read - shock horror! Imagine being given this as a teenager. According to the author, imaginative literature is a time waster, but get this: masturbation is frowned upon and should the need arise, a young woman can see a christian doctor and have a circumcision!!!!! WTF? The top image is taken from the book. You know you wanna get it :p


Annie said...

Wicked cute and I like it with the jeans!

daywalker said...

Thank-you Annie:) I thought it looked kinda 50's rockerish.