Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fringe Benefits Or My best Benny Hill Impression....

As you can see I have cut myself a fringe. I finally feel like I have a 'proper' hair-do although it could be annoying trying to maintain it as my hair is very very curly naturally but i'll see how it goes.
Now for the benefits. The pic on the right is the haberdashery swag I got yesterday. My partner works for an huge textiles/crafts company and every so often they have clearance sales for employees where you fill up a bag for $5. There's at least $300 worth retail so it's pretty sweet. And just in case you were wondering - No, we were together before he got the job there :p
Jacket: Adidas Japan Soccer ( I was wearing this the other night when Aus lost to Japan at the Olympics - I felt kinda bad for not being nationalistic- but that only lasted a few seconds.


Annie said...

Holy crap! What a deal!

daywalker said...

I know!! I needed lining fabric too and i've offloaded some to family, so it was $5 well spent.