Sunday, August 3, 2008


First off, apologies about the layout of pictures. I'll be neater next time.
The head, do you like it? I got it today at Coburg Trash and Treasure. I thought she will be great to keep my wigs and hats on and for taking slapstick pictures with. It was so icily cold at the market, we only stayed for a few minutes.
As for the other picture, well... I thought I'd snap what i'm wearing today.
Cardigan: second hand
Tie die top: "Freda" label from op shop
Jeans: grab
The tie-dye top was originally a strapless, elasticised waist number which I cut holes into the sides for armholes. I have loads of fabric and plan to try making a couple of tops in this manner. All you basically need is a strip of fabric, elastic and thread. I'll post the results.


Annie said...

Whah? I've got to see how you made that top...

Katie @ Très Lola said...

Top looks cool.. my sis is heaps into tie dye... nice job :D

Penny said...

Hmmm... she doesn't look like an Angie! lol
You make the top sound so easy!! I have no idea how you could have done that and made it look so good

daywalker said...

Thank you annie, katie and penny. Now i'll definitely have to post a how-to on this.

Annie: I wanted to say the t-shirt you made rocks - i love that paint splatter effect, it reminds me of those 'blo pens' for kids.

Penny: Yeah I know, I was thinking maybe a Trudy or Cecile