Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I'm Back...........

Unfortunately I haven't been on some lovely sun-soaked holiday. I've been visiting the hospital since Boxing day as my beautiful younger sister was in a terrible motorbike accident whilst visiting us from London and had her leg amputated. It's a difficult time but I want to keep this blog going.

Now that I've explained my absence, this cute plaid playsuit from Topshop is very nice indeed. That's it for now - until the next post - Adios :)


Annie said...

Best wishes for your sister <3

it is a cute romper

Valentine said...

Just as Annie said, best wishes to your sister too. *hugs* I may not know you personally but I hope you and your family are well. :-)


Yey for keeping your blog! and I have been on the lookout for a nice and summer playsuit whenever I visit thrift shops as well. I wish we had topshop here, though. So many great stuff.



La Couturier said...

that is a cute romper! it would look so cheeky with a pair of black pumps or something!

La C.

daywalker said...

Thanks for your kind words ladies xoxo

La Couturier said...

thank you for leaving such a sweet comment =]

La c.