Sunday, October 14, 2012

Back Again.......

Well it has been over a year since I last posted.  A bit over doing outfit posts seeing as I don't have an amazing camera and can't take clear, sharp pictures like other blogs seem to have.  I thought I'd change the focus from fashion to things I make.

This little softie was made over a month ago for my nieces birthday and from her reaction upon opening the paper, pretty sure she loved it!  I used felt, cotton embroidery thread and toy stuffing.  The design was drawn on cardboard first and cut out for the template.  The cheeks were done using a watercolour pencil and I like how there's just a hint of colour.  I didn't remember to take a shot once it was completed, but around the edges, blanket stitch was used.  This was all done by hand and took around 7 hours - granted I was sitting in front of the t.v but I'm pretty slow -   I was so relieved at the end! 

I have been working on something else this weekend but will wait until tomorrow to post as it's a gift.

It's spring here and today looks beautiful - peace out!

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