Saturday, September 27, 2008

Grand Finale Day........

Sorry...... I'm a slack bitch. I still haven't managed to learn a little bit of photoshop to crop off the top of the picture. Oh well!
Yeah I know i'm posing, but it's a tres cool shot, non?
Taken today whilst stumbling out of a pub and down Johnstone St, Collingwood. Could not be fagged watching the remainder of the Grand Final....... too boring, no Collingwood :)
Tomorrow, we're venturing out again to Parklife. Soooooo excited to hear PEACHES!@#$#$!#!!!#@!? and Plump Dj''s and Van She, but especially Peaches.... ooooooh yeah. And soo loving this beautiful springy/summery weather. I swear, as soon as the weather turns all warm and light I become a completely new person.