Thursday, December 4, 2008

Wet Look Leggings............... I don't know.....

They are not red as your monitor may show, but a rusty, russet colour.
I really don't know!!! I kinda feel like Robin Hood in tights. It's funny though because I've lived through 3 waves of leggings - the 80's - I have a great picture of me posing and wearing black wetlook leggings, the early 90's - I remember wearing two very colourful Esprit pairs that belonged to my sister one with a sunflower print and some blue/green ones which I would wear with black or dark red clogs - what a comfortable outfit!! (I've got to find some pictorial evidence) and now - but i'm not finding the transition as easy. As you can see i'm wearing two different shoes - the sandal i'm happy with, but the boot - very unsure. I purchased the boots months ago and still haven't worn them because I'm not really into the white part around the sole - I could colour it with a marker. Anyway, you can't really see the boots, so i'll save that rant for another post :)

Leggings - op shop
Dress - Valley Girl


Valentine said...

Wetlook leggings.. why do they refer to them as "wetlook?" hmm.. Anyway, I adore your outfit although I get more of a Peter Pan vibe than a Robin Hood one.. haha..

daywalker said...

yeah, i was having problems with that name too! I always referred to them as lycra leggings