Thursday, April 30, 2009

Advertising For Free

I'm often puzzled by humanity and this morning was no exception. Perhaps I should have studied psychology!
But anyway, what is it with people (mainly women) who use a paper shopping bag with a company logo to lug their crap around in?
In Melbourne the most common are Kookai bags ( and here I am giving them an inadvertent plug in this rant!) Although, this morning at the station the offender was sporting a "Review" bag.
Now perhaps I'm being hasty in my judgement and maybe she doesn't own a decent enough tote bag or the only other bags at her disposal were plastic supermarket bags but I tend to think that these bag carriers want everyone to know where they buy their clothes. And to add more clout to my argument, I recall seeing on Ebay a while back, a listing for paper Louis Vuitton bags and they were up to around $25 - Oh Dear - Why on earth would one pay to advertise and for a paper shopping bag? I mean, logo t-shirts and bags are thankfully on their way out. I guess buying your way into a high end label is as close as some people will get to wearing the stuff. I'm getting off the point here.
Personally I find it silly and embarrassing to be advertising for free. If your outfit has style no matter how much lucre you parted with, then you shouldn't have to tell people by carrying the shopping bag - end of rant :)
Oh yeah, and I like some of the clothes in Review.
About my outfit today: Notice I've worn the same hat 2 days running - I have this tendency to wear things until they're threadbare.
Dress from Valleygirl
Leggings from Gripp
Turtleneck from Country Road
Belt from Salvos
Hat from Sportsgirl
Shoes by "Naughty Monkey"


La Couturier said...

Love the outfit! =]

And what you've written is so true! With some people I think they are merely trying to show off where they shop. But then again, I lug around those huge shopping bags from "nicer" stores occasionally (when those huge totes of mine aren't big enough, or if I don't want to dirty them), simply because they're made of better quality - thus far sturdier. But I do agree with you! I once knew someone who bought shopping bags from Chanel to appear, well, richer!

La C.

Imogen said...

I've got that dress, but in purple. I like it a lot:)

Annie said...

Your outfit is amazing!! I want those leggings

daywalker said...

Thanks for your comments :)
Imogen I would love to see that purple dress - you should do a post.