Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Grungy Tuesday..............

My posting frequency has been all over the shop lately, so I shall try and post more regularly.

My outfit today has a kind of grungy/pretty feel and a little French flavour thrown in with the hat. I love that the weather is cold in that I get to wear tights - Yay!

Normally jeans or pants are de-rigeur for me - in fact, so much so that it has become like a uniform. It occured to me recently that I have so many lovely dresses and skirts in my wardrobe that are just sadly hidden away and frankly it's a waste. So from here on in I plan to steer away from the skinny jeans uniform and embrace some femininity :)

Hat from Sportsgirl

Dress from Salvos

Belt made by yours truly

Turtleneck from Country Road

Tights by Wicked

Shoes from Mollini


Imogen said...

Wow, a fellow Australian blogger. you are the first one I've found! I live in Sydney. And unlike a lot of other blogs I recognise most of the places that you bought your clothes from. Valleygirl is one of my favourite shops.

melbourne fashionista said...

very cut e- I love florals with blacks, especially black tights and shoes - it gives a feminine look an edge which I am always fond of.

Very impressed by the belt you made :)