Monday, May 4, 2009

Car Trouble....................

What an expensive morning!!! On our way to the city, the alternator decided to die and the gods must have been semi smiling upon us because the car died at a most opportune spot. Thirty seconds later and the situation could have been very nasty indeed. The Racv guy arrived almost immediately, replaced the alternator and $560 later (including joining up to Racv) was on his merry way.
The cute picture of sheep which some may call graffiti/street art/vandalism was on a wall beside where the car broke down. I like it very much, it's cute and witty. If you cannot see the words clearly, it says "the lord is my shepherd, I shall not think"
My outfit shot was taken on Thursday evening and I'm wearing a dress by Valleygirl - big surprise!, Pea coat by H&M, leggings from Target, hat from Sportsgirl.


Annie said...

Cute outfit! Sucks about the car trouble..

Imogen said...

Thanks:)I've only just started to photoshop my pictures I always got my bf to do things like that for me too. But lately he has been teaching me so I can do a few things now.

Thats such interesting graffiti. I've never seen anything like that before lol. I like your outfit. Valleygirl is my favourite shop, I think I might have said that before.