Thursday, May 28, 2009

There's a tag on your sleeve!!!!

With winter lurking around the corner, I've noticed an alarming trend and that is: People leaving the 100% Cashmere tag on the sleeve of their new coat.
You see a lot of this on public transport in the colder months. It makes me wonder if the person simply has no idea and that it's part of the garment or if they want all and sundry to know that they can afford cashmere. I should carry a quick-unpick with me and offer to remove it for them free of charge - ha ha - I mean, it's pretty obvious to me that it's a temporary thing as it's only stitched on the four corners and not entirely like the tag inside the garment on the collar. I'm not sure how I'd go approaching someone without sounding incredibly smug and smartassy. "Um, excuse me Madam/Sir, could I unburden your coat of that tag on your sleeve?" ha ha - No, I don't think there's any approach that wouldn't be interpreted as obnoxious and brazen - Oh well - I'll just have to suffer in silence :/
My outfit:
Dress by Mink Pink
Leggings by Gripp
Boots from Salvos
Scarf made by me
Little Green Cardigan from H&M
Pea Coat from H&M


Annie said...

You look soooo wicked cool, I love this!

Lindsey Cochran said...

I've seen that before, too! The tag on the sleeve thing, that is. But the woman who was wearing the jacket was not from the U. S., so I did wonder if she knew she was supposed to take the tag off. Maybe they have a different custom in her part of Eastern Europe. I'm sorry I didn't find a way to politely say something to her.